Monday, September 12, 2011

Self Defeating Behaviors

My Top 3 Problem foods:

# 1 - Cheese Puffs
# 2 - Cheese Cake
# 3 - Ice Cream... yes, dear friend, I love you, but I must leave you.

Even to this day, after I've eliminated so many bad foods from my diet, there are some that I slip up and let back in.  These three are the worse of the worst.

Friday, I attended a seminar for continuing education requirements for my licensure.  I will write about that in depth soon, but one of the main points I took away from the seminar was that obesity must be treated like an addiction.  Just as an alcoholic must pledge to not have a drink, an obese or formally obese person must pledge to choose healthy foods instead of unhealthy foods.

I often rejected this mentality in my mind about addiction, saying that alcoholics can choose not to drink, but I can't choose not to eat.  It's not that, it's choosing to eat what is healthy, rather than choosing to eat what is unhealthy.  The addict's mentality of "I want what I want when I want it*" must be stopped.  I make choices every day, and if I make poor choices, I will continue to struggle to maintain my weight loss.  If I choose not to move my body in the form of exercise, I am choosing to not be successful in maintaining my weight loss.

I must continually work on my input and output, every day I'm a recovering addict, I am recovering from allowing food to comfort me when my life isn't going the way I'd like and I choose to eat ice cream and/or cheesecake and/or cheese puffs, when I know that there are much better choices I could have made. Identifying why I made those choices has been a struggle, but I realize now that I can no longer be self-defeating in indulging in my addiction just because I can.  I must make a conscious effort as a recovering food addict each day to identify my triggers.  It's about control, I can't control other people in my life, but I can control what I eat.  If I allow others to make me feel bad, then use food to make me feel better, I am allowing my addiction to food control my emotions.

I must eat to live, and there is always a healthy choice available to me.  I can no longer allow the "I want what I want when I want it" mentality to rule me.  If I am going to continue to be successful every day in recovering from food addiction, then I must live like a recovering alcoholic each day.  Salty, sweet, and fatty foods will not fill the void in me.  The power of choosing good, healthy foods and exercising every day makes me feel good about myself, and that will provide the filling of being full... Having a "full cup" and Dr. Connie Stapleton would say!

* This is something, verbatim, Dr. Stapleton repeated in the seminar.  I can't take credit for it, but I will definitely be referring to it when I am tempted by my addiction to food.

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