Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideas are like Parents: Toxic or Not, sometimes they are just trying to help get you somewhere.

I love my mom, in fact, I just got a phone call from her.  She was so excited about a product she thought of... unfortunately, I had to burst her bubble.  She said, "We have to get a meeting with Spanx and present this to them.  We have to get in touch with them.... "  I stopped her right there.  "Mom, I work for Spanx, I am in touch with them every day, what product have you thought of?"

She starts to explain to me this brilliant invention of hers....... and, unfortunately, I have to break the news to her that it's already in testing.  I've already suggested it to them last year at Summit.  "But, but..."  Mom, they are working on that exact idea.  I will try to get the samples that were pulled from the collection last year if you'd like to try it and help them refine the product.  I'm even going to sign her up for the wear test, since I hadn't done this yet for her.  (I've signed up 100's of folks to wear test, but I didn't sign mom up because we never talked about it.)

I often have these brilliant ideas that fall flat on their bum when I do a little internet research.  I don't like to think of them as failure though, nothing is a failure if you learn something from it.  If you learn that it's already out there and possibly being done better, all you've done is confirmed that your idea has already been thought of and this idea is not special.  It's not that it's not special, it's just that you have to keep on thinking.  You have to keep on being creative and learning from your ideas, mistakes, failures and all.  They are not lost, they are just the steps to get you there.

This is what I like to think about past attempts at losing weight.  They are the steps to get you to commit to permanent changes.  You tried this diet or that diet, but obviously DIETS are not the way. It's not the diet that will allow you to lose weight, it's you.  It's learning what does and does not work for YOU.  It's learning how to be healthy ALL of the time, not just SOME of the time.  It's hard.  I spent 3 hours last night resisting the urge to bake cookies.  I tried to think of who I could make cookies for and tried to justify my urge to bake.  It's like the urge to drink for some people, I have the urge to bake.  I cook (meals) pretty healthy, but that undying urge to bake is just intrinsic. Back to mom here, and family of origin, and sister who is a Culinary Instructor of the Baking Arts.... Love them, but their careers are killing me!  I still want to make those chocolate chip cookies, it's gnawing at me, who wants cookies?  But I know if I make them, I will be tempted to eat them. At least one, and one is not one but two, and two is a glass of milk and then... well, do I really want to spend an extra hour at the gym for two cookies and a glass of milk?

Reminds me of that children's story, "If you give a mouse a cookie."  It's a cycle that doesn't stop.  The addiction to sugar and fat is strong, but I am convincing myself every day that my willpower is stronger.  Just as with each idea for an invention I get, I write it down, I research it, and I move on when I realize it's already been done.  If it hasn't, I sit on it, keep researching it, keep refining it, and when I think it's ready to move forward (some day) I will act.  You have to be ready to make the commitment to yourself, your ideas, bad and good, be ready to abandon the bad and move forward with the good, and eventually, success will find you. Are you ready to be successful in your weight loss journey?

It takes a lot of work to get where you want to go when you are afraid to give up what you love, what you're used to, or what you think is special.  What's special is being able to see the root of the problem and learn coping mechanisms in dispelling those nagging, pervasive desires to do what you know won't work.

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