Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sticking to it...

I thought giving up sugar would be a piece of cake...  I talked about it before Christmas.  What a novel idea... but now, it's time for action.  I binge bake.  Yes, you all know this.  I write about it all the time.  Well, it's got to stop.  Some of my current eating problems have to do with me eating the wrong damn thing half the time.  

Truth be told, my stomach is usually a wreck in the morning.  Most morning, if I take in any nutrients its in the form of a smoothie, yogurt or protein shake.  I'm trying to find other things that work well for me in the morning.  Eggs are out.  I tried to eat soft egg whites and cinnamon with a little agave nectar and that was a bust.  

Tonight though, I had the Most Amazing Beef and Vegetable soup for dinner. As I was doing laundry and prepping for what's going to be a very busy week of travel and meetings all over, I had a thought.  I haven't really tried hot cereals.  Angela gave me two bags of Kashi cereal and I haven't touched it.  So, I decided to try a little experiment.  1/4 cup of nuts (I chose almonds), 1 cup of Kashi granola cereal, 2 T dried fruit (I had cranberries, but apricots or even a fresh apple cored and diced would work) 1/2 c. water, 1/4 c. juice (orange but apple would do fine), 1/4 c. unsweetened coconut milk, 2 T. Agave nectar.  In a small pot, bring last four ingredients to a boil.  Add the rest of the ingredients and cook on low for 5-7 minutes.  It was really yummy and I had about 1/2 c. of it and packed the rest up for breakfast tomorrow.  

The revelation though.... within 10 minutes, I felt a HUGE burst of energy.  Suddenly, folding all those socks wasn't such a PITA.  Suddenly, I was planning the rest of my evening, I was focused on my objectives, and had swept, emptied the garbage, watched the last three episodes of Parenthood, and now, I'm ready for sleep.  

So, this eliminating sugar thing isn't going to be so bad.  I'm working on not using Splenda too.  I've used Stevia successfully before, and I'd like to try Truvia.  So, I guess this title shouldn't be sticking to it, but getting back on it.  Whatever "it" is, your resolution, your project, your issue you need to solve.  Find a new solution.  A better alternative.  A good starting point... and move toward the goal.  

I think I may allow chocolate on Sundays.  I've got all these hazelnuts somebody gave me with a whole lotta chocolate to make some Nutella.  Sundays can be sugar days, right?  Not this Sunday though.  Maybe next.  Homemade Nutella... how can one make that Sugar Free?!  I will find a way.  

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