Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Official Day 1 of the Nanfit Challenge

Clad in my Spanx On Top and Uptown Black and Gold tights, the challenge begins!  I've decided this year is going to be the year of Nanette.  Yes, the YEAR OF NANETTE.  

Here's the bullets

  • Quit the sugar!  Honey for sweetener only, Splenda occasionally (because I don't trust that stuff either!)
  •  Yoga, Pilates and Strength training - I want to get certified to teach at least one of the first two this year and work on ACE certification.  
  • Measurements, food and body, once a month.  1st day of the month. With and without Spanx.  I wear a size C or M/L in Spanx, I'd like to get into a S by the end of the year (and 6/8/10 range rather than the 10/12/14 range)
  • Redesign Nanfit, Brand it.  Pay for the LLC and be self employed
  • Work out at least 1 hour, each day, 60 "minutes of loving movement," as the FlyLady would say, though she only ever commits to 15
  • Really train for the Crescent City Classic, like, really, at the gym and everything. 
  • Find my iPod... it's been lost for three weeks now
  • Get to it! 
I'm off to a good start this year, though slow. I did, after 4 years of procrastinating, send my LPC paperwork. This has mostly been due lack of $$$ when it comes to my recent procrastination. I've applied for several counseling jobs, one is a Counselor Intern position for a substance abuse program.  I've given up drinking, unless on the weekends and I even keep it light then, and I've pretty much stopped smoking entirely because it aggravates my acid reflux at night.  I'm trying to eat more healthy.  I'm not making sweets nearly as much as I used to.  I am getting up at a reasonable hour, giving a good lick at finding jobs every day, following up and returning calls, and trying to pull myself out of this rut. 

I did my first workout of the year on Sunday.  Yeah, it took me that long to get it together.  I did go to the gym on January 1st, but it was just a cardio workout.  Today is yoga and pilates and probably more strength training. I can really feel my workout from Sunday.  I got in deep with the strength training and my thighs and shoulders are feeling it, but it's a good feeling because I know I didn't overdo it.  

Now to today's workout.  I'm going to check out the WiiFit Plus Yoga moves and do one of the Pilates DVD's on Netflix.  I'll report back which ones later.  I'll be babysitting Charlie this afternoon and I should have some time while he naps.  

What are you doing in 2011 to get fit?  I'm really curious to see if the Spanx during my workouts helps to straighten and suck me in!  

Update:  Yoga balance has improved dramatically!  98% of most moves!  Need to check out more Wii Fit Balance board yoga games.  I totally wish I had a Kinect!

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