Sunday, January 16, 2011

At Goal...

I've been using my blog at since having weight loss surgery on this day two years ago. I'm working to combine all of these places I've collected my experience at I'm totally overhauling the site. I want people to be able to find me and my progress here on Sparkpeople as well as my "Branded" weight loss successes. 

It has been a difficult road a times. I've learned so much and I feel that I have to share the preciseness I've learned when it comes to losing the weight. It's about always making the best choices. That became harder when I had surgery, but I learned my lessons quickly. I had to find the best nutrient rich alternatives to my favorite things or give them up. While I can't give them up entirely, always, I have learned when to treat myself or when I "binge bake" how to give away what I've made if it isn't something I can or should eat! 

This is a huge challenge, because my hobby is cooking. However, the lesson has become how to find a way to make it healthy, edible, and able to energize my life. You have to find a way to still be passionate about food without using the bad stuff! I'll share recipes as well, but this is the turning of a new leaf for Hopefully, you'll follow me on the journey of fitness.

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