Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Go-To Meals

have developed several Go-To meals that are perfect for my band.  Seriously, when I don't try to eat crap and get away with it, these are the meals that work best for me:

Steak & Bleu Cheese Salad - 4 oz. sliced steak (marinated in garlic powder, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and smoked salt) with 1/4 c. bleu cheese, 1/2 c. iceberg lettuce (I hated iceberg before surgery, now I love it) and Creamy Balsamic dressing (Ken's Steakhouse)

Chicken Taco Salad - 4 oz. chicken (marinated in lime and taco seasoning), 1/2 c. iceberg lettuce, 1/4 c. Mexican mix cheese, Spicy Buttermilk Ranch dressing, salsa, and 1/2 an avocado

Wasabi Salmon and Peanut Sauce -4 oz. salmon marinated in 1 tsp. Wasabi paste, seasoned rice wine vinegar, and ginger (if you have it, but optional), 1/2 c. baby spinach (sometimes I can do it, sometimes I can't) and 1/4 c. peanut satay sauce

Parmesan crusted tilapia - 4 oz. filet of tilapia, crusted in 1 T. Parmesan cheese, 1/2 t. garlic powder, lemon, salt and pepper with cauliflower mash

Honestly, when I do what my doctor tells me and eat protein first with some type of veggie and a dressing, I don't seem to have problems with throwing up as much as when I try to eat things I know I shouldn't eat.

These foods are all dense proteins and light vegetables, which seem to go down fine.  When I try to eat starchy carbs that expand in water, they expand in my stomach and up it comes again.

Most soups I do fine with but the other day I was at Whole Foods and their black bean soup was not so much working for me but I think maybe the cinnamon they put in it set off my taste buds and turned me off of it.  tried the Chicken Enchilada soup too, but I'd already had problems with the black bean so that may have been the culprit.  However, when I ate a few bites of my bf's brisket, that went down and stayed down just fine.

also made Navy Bean soup earlier this week, and it went over well too.  Lots of cubed ham in it, sooooo tasty.

I've been meaning to write out this entry for a while.  If anyone wants more details, recipe wise, comment and I'd be glad to share more.

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