Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chipotle Lime Cilantro Vinegarette/Marinade

Mix all ingredients together:
2 Limes, juiced
1 small can of chipotle salsa or deseeded & pureed chipotles in adobe sauce
1/3 cup Olive Oil
1 1/2 tsp. cumin
1/3 c. Agave Syrup or 3-4 T Splenda
1/2 tsp. salt
Cracked black pepper to taste
1 1/2 tsp. Onion Powder
2 tsp. Garlic powder or 1 T. minced garlic

I'm currently marinading pork chops for tomorrow night's dinner in this and will serve it on top a bed of greens with a Green Goddess (Avocado & Sour Cream dressing.)

On a roll

I'm registered for both the Crescent City Classic (April 3rd/10k) and the March for Babies race (April 24th/3.5m) now I just have to find a road race in March to do as well. Feeling motivated.  Getting my ass in gear.  Praying hard that I won't have this much time on my hands for long but I get in the training groove quickly.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Afternoon at the Park

Hannah and I went to City Park and walked the track this afternoon.  It was a good walk/jog.  I jogged only about 1/4 of a mile though because I was in my fit flops and didn't feel like changing into my tennis shoes.

I went to the St. Joseph Altar meeting and got many nice compliments on my weight loss.  Those folks haven't seen me in a year, so it was good to hear that.  Mom volunteered me to make a bunch of stuff for the altar.  I guess that means quality time in Hahnville next week.

I picked up Mona's gyro plates for Jonathan and I for dinner tonight.  Yummy.  I ate about half, and put the rest up for lunch tomorrow. Hummus and gyro meat only, I don't attempt the salad or the bread.

Going to Hahnville tomorrow.  Mom said I needed a haircut, so if she's paying, then I'm going.  Might take the sewing machine back with me so I can take in some clothes this week.  I need to keep myself busy.  I could never stay at home every day.  I would drive myself bat shit crazy in no time.

Goal #1 Accomplished

I cleared the pantry and fridge of all the unhealthy crap, threw out the leftovers, and will now take the dog for a walk in the park once I get myself together and put my shoes on.

I also really should register for the Crescent City Classic and buy myself a new pair of running shoes.  I really would like to jog half of the Classic this year and work up to eventually being able to jog most of it in the next two years.  I can do it.  I need to do it because I can.  I don't have the knee troubles other people who've lost weight have, I think in this instance, my knees were strong enough to support my weight and it did not cause problems.  I just need to be careful of injuries.

The weather is nice and cool today.  It's a good day to get started on some training.  I have the time.  I don't really have the money, but an investment in my good support on my feet is a good one and needs to be done, again, to prevent injury.  A slow jog to start.

Down with the sugar!

I admit it.  I am addicted to sugar and fat.  Specifically, peanut butter, chocolate, and ice cream.  Now, I have refused to give anything up for Lent this year because I want to use the excuse that I can't eat this or that, blah, blah blah.... but I've noticed, when I eat the good protein options laid out for me by my physician, the food usually stays down when chewed well.  These food items include:  sausage from red beans sans rice no sauce, hard boiled eggs with salt, pepper, Olive Oil Mayo and Mustard with WW crackers or Nut crackers (half a serving, mind you like 8 crackers), the veggies, chicken and broth from Campbell's chunky soup sans noodles, and other sources of meat and cheese and veggie minimal carb diet.

But I've been bad.  Ice cream, made brownies last night that are not even that good that I need to throw out NOW (I put extra chocolate chips and marshmallows in them - too sweet for my tastes), and while I'm sure most people would like them, I am not that big a fan of brownies anyway.  Jonathan didn't want them because he's not a huge fan of sweets anyway... though I have found a weakness of his - Heath Bar Breyer's Ice Cream.

I digress.  I am admitting I still eat bad at times.  I had a Reese's peanut butter heart I bought a few days ago from the Valentine's clearance and I have another that I am promptly feeling compelled to throw away.... Along with all the other sugar and junk food in the house.  I am going to have to change the way I cook for Jonathan.  Though, I have realized that he is happy with oatmeal most of the time.  I can't eat oatmeal, but I can eat Campbell's chunky soup, eggs, and soft veggies.  I don't need sugar.  I love butter.  But I can give her up too if necessary.  I need to refocus.  I need to work out.  These last 40 pounds are not going to come off without a fight.  So, I must fight the temptations and do what I know I need to do in order to make this happen.  The summer is calling and I want to get outdoors and make the most of it.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Support Group

After a year of absence, I went to the Lapband support group at West Jeff tonight.  It wasn't bad, but I was the youngest person there.  The only guy in the group at the end of the meeting was checking me out and asking me if I was single... I don't think because he was interested, but rather I think he had someone in mind he wanted to set me up with... I informed him I had a SO that I lived with but thanks.  It was a little weird.  I will go back though, because they seemed like nice people and I learned a few things.  Mostly, I learned that aside from my ice cream problem, I am doing pretty well with my weight loss. That was reassuring.  I might go back next month just so they don't talk about me.  I did notice that they talked about the people who weren't there or people who'd come in the past and flaunted their loss but had done it in an unhealthy way.  I try to balance my unhealthy choices by about 1/4 of the healthy choices and I still lose.  I even lose when I live on ice cream.  However, I made red beans and rice tonight (sans rice for me) and it didn't go over so well.  It wasn't the sausage though - it was the beans.  I've noticed that dense protein settles better than creamy stuff.  So, I will continue to stick with the protein for the meals.