Saturday, January 30, 2010

Living Simply

I have resolved to make an effort to live a more simple, organic (in the metaphysical sense as well as the environmental) and green life. I joined Melaluca, even though I thought that it was a little like a pyramid, but when I tried their products at Lisa's, I was truly IMPRESSED. I made my first order yesterday and I am really looking forward to a gradual transition to only using their products so when I go to the farmer's market or grocery, I am only purchasing food stuffs. It's amazing the things we can live without.

I plan to do two major overhauls in February - clear out and clean up. I have several boxes from Austin of paper records and books I don't need. I am going to list the books on Amazon and try to sell them, whcih I've done successfully before and made some decent money. And, I am going to get rid of the furniture I have at the factory that I don't want anymore. This means I'll need to donate and/or doing a garage sale in March or April. I admit, in the past, I have donated things because I feel better about myself when I've given something I don't use to charity - lately, it's felt really good to give away the clothes that no longer fit.

I'd like to recommit to blogging at too. My original intention was to blog about the lifestyle changes and exercise, but I haven't exercised all that much this year other than walks with Hannah and Jonathan in the evenings. I did my two mile jog on Wednesday night, and that felt good. I've got to start following the CCC10k training schedule this week to get ready for the race. If anyone is interested in joining me, that would be awesome. This will be my 9th year! I'm hoping that once the parades start, I'll walk from my office to Jonathan's office between 5-6 some days, maybe even as far as Lisa's, and have him pick me up there.

Once Lent begins, the weather warms up and I feel compelled to give something back to the Lord, I will start leaving work at 5:00pm and walking Audubon Park and City Park once each week until about 7 or 7:30. Ambitious, since I haven't been that committed to exercise in the last year despite the huge weight loss. Eating less really does do the trick, but I've hit the plateau of doom and it's necessary now.

Enough rambling. There are errands to run, places to go. People to see.