Friday, September 4, 2009

Doctor's visit

My follow up today on the kidney stones was a nice nod and you're doing great from my PCP.  Things are looking good and I don't need to go back until January. Dr. L improved my otherwise crappy day as I had been up late last night coughing and keeping Jonathan up. Today was a strange day. I had forgotten to put my doctor's appointment for 12:30 on the calendar so when the client I was suppose to meet with for my lunch appointment showed up at 8:00AM, it surprisingly all worked out.

I have no plans this weekend other than to exercise and babysit tomorrow evening.  I have a friend coming in from Austin whom I'll probably have brunch with on Sunday before the Decadence parade, please don't let it rain!!! I have my big gay umbrella ready and I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces in the crowd.  Maybe I'll even see my high school art teacher! Anyway, my honey is playing Rome and I'm about to go hang at the pub and visit my sister for free stuff since she's packing to move to Memphis this weekend.

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