Sunday, June 14, 2009

Noticeably different...

I've received more compliments this week on my weight loss than I have in a long while.  There is a remarkable difference in my CLOTHES finally.  I have things that are absolutely too big to take in now.  I no longer fit into anything is above a size 20.  Some of the 20's are ok, but all those 22/24's and 26/28's need to be purged from my wardrobe.  I am debating on what to do with it.  If I continue to put it off, i will end up donating it to Social Concerns instead of making some money from them on eBay.  I just haven't gotten motivated to do the eBay thing.  It would require me taking lots of pictures, posting it and then boxing it all up so I know the weight to calculate the shipping.  Efforts I just haven't found the energy for yet.

I have no restriction right now, sometimes... granted, not always.  Sometimes, I can only eat 4 or 5 bites of food, other times I can put away a thick juicy NY Strip steak like I did Thursday night.  Okay, I only ate about 4 oz, but still, it was A LOT.  About to test myself at the Chinese Buffet.  I certainly don't eat my money's worth anymore.  I usually get a 2-3 oz. piece of salmon, two pieces of snow crab roll, and then have some ice cream.  Not worth the $12.95, but Jonathan likes to make up for it with his appetite.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

101 lbs gone!!!!!!

I started this weight loss journey in March 2004, when my weight topped out at 353 lbs. I went to the doctor and saw that number on the scale I thought I would die... hell, I knew I was going to die if I didn't do something about it. I quickly lost about 40 pounds and hovered around 315 for years.

Finally, when I moved to Orlando post Katrina for grad school temporarily, I got below 300 and into the 280's. It was tough, I worked out every single day while staying in Florida. I did fought the same battle of the 280's while in Austin. I was fed up when I realized I was turning 30 and the damn weight hadn't come off. So I decided to get the band. Now, I'm 5 months out and I've lost 44 pounds.

However... I am so very proud to say that I have now lost over 100 pounds now since I started this journey. I didn't realize I was coming up so quickly on this benchmark! I am completely WOWED. I DID IT. The band helped, but I DID IT! And damnit, I'm going to keep on doing it until I'm down to 145.

HELL, I can't believe I'm telling all my friends that number (353), but I've gotten to the point where I just have to be honest with myself and the world... Obesity is an obvious and debilitating ailment and losing weight on your own or with help from a medical device is just plain tough! Even with the band, I've had stalls that made me crazy.