Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Weigh-in, Restriction, and goodness...

I made it through the race in one piece.  Finished in an hour and forty-six minutes.  I was very surprised and delighted that my sister, Charlena, walked/jogged the race with me.  I had some terrible cramps on the bus back, but I've fully recovered now.

Weigh-in was Monday.  I lost 5 pounds.  Again, I'm disappointed in that it was only 5 pounds, but it's still a loss!  I won't complain about it.  A loss is still a loss and I'm still not completely restricted.  I have about 7cc in an 11cc band.  Still a little ways to go, but the doc says I'm approaching the sweet spot for my height/weight.

The .5cc fill he gave me is noticeable.  I made Jonathan some Chicken Pesto pasta last night and all I could eat were about three forkfuls.  I felt restricted after the second and waited it out a bit.  He's making roast beef in his new crockpot for dinner tonight.  I am so excited because roast beef is one of my favorite dishes.  Unfortunately, I expect not to be able to eat much of it.  I'm eating a little less than a half a cup per meal these days.  For instance, right now I have a 6" grilled chicken sub on my desk that has less than two bites out of it and I'm already full.  It's a working lunch because I had to go home and lock the door 'cause someone forgot his keys in my car.  (Being the nice girl I am, I went home to lock up during lunch and brought him his lunch that he forgot in the fridge.)

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