Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wii Fitness

I love my Wii Fit and I'm not ashamed to tell everyone about it. However, I have noticed that some of the games aren't as great as others.

Wii Sports - Love it!!! Though it's not the full on cardio necessary, it's fun. The boxing can provide a decent cardio workout if you are like me and get into it. I finally got a Platinum medal on the punching bag knock-out in the training area. I knock my brother out every time! That's a good feeling!!!

Wii Fit - There are very few cardio activities on the program that I find to be engaging over the long term. I love the balance games, strength, and yoga poses though. Overall, I give it a C- for true fitness training.

Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum 2009 - I must say, this program leaves much to be desired. I do enjoy the workout, but the two Wii remotes is by far the most effective way to workout but still, it doesn't always register your movements. The Wii Fit board has a difficult time continually registering movement as well. Honestly, I'll stick to Jillian Michaels' DVD the 30 Day Shred. Great workout! Super sweating! Definitely a way to burn calories.

My Fitness Coach - I've not yet tried this one, but I am looking forward to checking it out.

EA Sports Canada is coming out with the EA Sports Active Personal Trainer, due to release May 2009. I am anxiously awaiting it's release, and I will report back as soon as I can on this one.

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