Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weigh In Update, Fill #2

Official Weigh In: 272.5, 6.5 pounds lost  (yes, I'm a little disappointed with this number, but I'll grin and bare it. A loss is still a loss.)

I'm moving toward a virtually no carb diet.  If carbs are the culprit, then out they go.  All of them. Even the multi-whole-grain goodness of a Honey Oat Subway Grilled Chicken sammich- be gone.  

Fill #2 - I barely flinched.  Dr. Belott says I'm doing well, then I can't beat myself up over only having lost 6 1/2 pounds.  I would have been happier with 10.  Next month.... more than 10- and since I have everything to do with whether or not I make progress, it'll happen. 

There are a few issues that have come to light, therapeutically, that I wish to address with weight loss surgery and body image issues.  You have to be emotionally ready to commit yourself fully and completely to following some very basic weight loss rules when you have surgery.  I imagine that many people have never kept rules strictly and completely before, because I read things on forums and banders blogs that make me cringe a lot.  Cheetos? Potato chips? Pretzels?  Are you kidding me?  Those food items are not worth seeing progress on the scale.  If you can't give them up for a month before you have the surgery, what makes you think you'll be able to give them up for a year after surgery?  If you are going to let a surgeon cut you open to take the reigns on problems with your health, you must be willing to make a commitment to sticking to the right foods. 

I hate the word "diet." It is my least favorite four letter word.  My favorite is inappropriate for this blog though, but also the best form of cardio exercise I've ever had.  (Crosses my fingers and prays my mom never reads this!) Diet conjures up this strict regiment of can't haves and restrictions that one whose had weight loss surgery should have accepted the moment they woke up from the operating table.  It's not a restriction, it's just not an option any longer.  Those things are no longer edible for consumption.  They are not food items in my pantry. (Well, they are, since my parents wouldn't give up these things to support me.... nor would I ask them, they can continue to be fat and happy. BTW, my folks aren't really fat(morbidly obese) they are just overweight. So why should they care that keeping carbs in the house upsets me.)

One Saturday, very recently, I had the rabid urge to destroy all the carbohydrates I could find in the house by stomping on them on the kitchen floor.  Of course, I didn't follow through with that because the mess would have really been a pain the clean up but I think the act of getting anger with your toast really can help to see how it's keeping you fat.  Just get mad at the loaf of bread.  Tell it you hope it rots in hell with the rest of the criminals.  God has a place in hell for carbohydrates, right next to sugar!!!  Hmmm... I may have gone off on a tangent there, but I seriously think we'd all be fine without both of them. 

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