Friday, March 27, 2009

Overeating issues...

I ate myself through Texas and Louisiana the last two days.  On the drive to Austin, I was pretty good stopping at Mickey D's and getting naked grilled chicken snack wraps.  I ate around the tortilla.  However, I stopped to get gas and let the rain pass me by in Columbus and ended up buying a bag of cajun trail mix.  I proceeded to eat the entire thing.  Terribly bad.  The next day, I woke up in Austin and I was raging with cravings.  Chocolate, pizza, ice cream, vanilla cinnamon almonds.... again, bad, bad, and the band let me do it.  I let myself do it.  I think it's that time of the month.

I got back into New Orleans last night around 11pm.  I refrained from chowing down on the pound of Texas barbeque and proceeded to feel extremely ill.  I even threw up, but I couldn't tell what it was that came up.  I guess 20 hours in a car in a span of 36 hours can do a number on the body.  The 10 hours back were entirely driven in the pouring rain.  That was stressful.  I'm recovering with a breakfast burrito at Chateau Cafe on Robert E. Lee now waiting for my sister at her doctor's appointment.  I think someone in New Orleans needs to reopen Movie Pitchers on the Alamo Drafthouse model.  That would create an attraction here in Lakeview... since the only other attraction to its suburbia is the view of the lake.

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