Friday, March 13, 2009

No Carb Update

I've been doing a fair job no carbing as much as possible.  Yesterday, I ate about 1/2 a baked chicken breast, some grilled onions, and cabbage at Piccadilly for lunch.  I got broccoli but it didn't quite make it into the mix.  Last night, I had a 6" chicken breast from Subway without the bread.  Again, not so bad but the Honey Mustard is questionable coming in at 7 carbs per serving.  A few carbs won't kill me, but when the Juice Plus comes in they are all out the door. 

I need to start compiling the list of "no carb" acceptable foods.  It is virtually impossible to do zero carbs, so I will include a few acceptable foods on the list that have 2-5 carbs.  I've place a limit on the daily carb intake to be no more than 20 carbs, but I will aim for no more than 10. 

Here's a list of foods by carb content. I will make an exception for some of the items that have a few carbs.  I like the LapBand Website's Cottage Cheese pancakes a little too much to give them up entirely.  I will probably replace the oats with almond meal though.  Let's see how that goes!

The game plan today is to hit the ground and sweat out some calories.  I'll report back on how that goes.  

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