Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Intense Cardio Update!

Last night I had a good hour of jogging with a friend of mine along the industrial canal in Algiers.  It was exactly what I needed to meet my cardio goal for the day.  I've already brought Faith and Chief for their morning walkies, but that was only about 20 minutes. 

Today, I am going to concentrate on taking in some culture by hitting the New Orleans Museum of Art.  Let's look at the pedometer:  

Here's today's route to NOMA.  According to the GMap Pedometer
I'll burn:

I am going to wear the PHRM and report back my actual calories burned.  

I need to eat some breakfast now that I've finished my iced coffee.  I was good, I had cold pressed iced coffee from PJ's this morning and then followed it with a Very Vanilla Iced Coffee.  Still, need to get some fuel before I take off.  

Later Folks!

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