Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday post

A positive internal dialogue about how you are doing will make a big difference in the output on your progress.  My internal thinking is sorting through lots of old baggage.  I made this huge decision, and no one else can be in charge of what I put in my mouth.  I have this medical device now implanted to take away the crutch of years of a bad habit of not paying attention to what I was eating.  Food is just plain tasty, why not have another piece of cake and ignore the fat.  Now I ignore the fat gram counts, and pay more attention to carbs and sugar.  I've given up sugar almost entirely.  When I do eat something with sugar in it, I can usually recognize it and stop.  

There are bad experiences with having a band around my stomach.  There just are foods that I can not tolerate.  I'm certainly still early on into the stages of seeing which foods those are though, but I know that tortillas are not my friend.  Chicken, if moist, lots of eggs, cheese, soft veggies, and a few bites of 7 whole grain crackers are popular choices in tiny amounts I can't believe are a half a serving because  now I'm full.  Some days, I can barely take two bites of these things.  I've taken to waking up and drinking water for an hour before I can have breakfast.  I order tea when I go to a coffee shop, because it helps to soothe my stomach. I have be amazingly strict about not drinking alcohol, and I couldn't tell you how amazing that is.  Wine is the only thing I even miss a little. 

I started off great about journaling the food I eat on a daily basis, but I've reverted to acknowledging it mentally as I calculate them as I measure.  In the last three weeks, it's been between 900-1500 calories.  My goal for next week is to write down every single thing.  I will start by inputting today's breakfast.  I'm torn between Sparkpeople and The Daily Plate now though.  There are so many damn places to keep track now.  I am going with LIVESTRONG.COM and will be using the Daily Plate.  Username is nanfit. 

Okay, I have got to go workout now.  More to come... 

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