Saturday, March 14, 2009

Fill #2 Update

Last night was two days out from my second fill.  Importantly, I must admit I have needed assistance from my index and pointer right at the end.  I ate just a little too much both times.  The sliming was easy but disgusting, so I have to do better taking note of when I am full. 
Each time I go out to a restaurant, I say to myself, “What is the best protein source on the menu, and what vegetables can I order that have the least number of carbohydrates?”  The result is usually fish or chicken, though beef or pork would be acceptable while the veggies are usually limited to broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, or green beans. 
We went to Texas Roadhouse last night.  I ordered my glass of ice and got the usual confused stares from the two wait staff girls at the bar.  A few minutes later I asked for water so that I could mix my Crystal Light Blueberry White Tea into it and they seemed a tad relieved.  I ordered the Grilled Salmon with Peppercorn seasoning, green beans and fresh veggies which turned out to be baby carrots and broccoli.  I had a taste of both J’s barbeque chicken and pulled pork that would barely amount to a teaspoon, respectively.  Then, I managed to eat about a third of the salmon filet with some tartar sauce and a few green beans without touching the broccoli or carrots.
The last bite was two bites too late.  I sat there with the look of terror on my face, turned to J and nodded.  I quickly walked to the bathroom, bruising my arm in the process as I swung open the stall without closing the door and quickly stuck two fingers down my throat.  A little pink mass slid back up and I instantly felt better.  I don’t recommend this, but I think it is part of the learning curve.  Though is seems a disturbingly bulimic behavior, it has happened only 3 times in 3 months.  Each incident has been thoroughly documented, and I am becoming better at recognizing the feelings of satiety much more keenly.  You never know which foods will be to be difficult to digest.  I’m sure though more trials and errors, I will become more aware of fullness prior to necessitating a slim.
I had a left over third of the salmon today for lunch with a tablespoon of Wasabi Mustard and a few green beans. There’s still more for another meal.  This truly beats having to eat at home. Now when I have leftovers, I am able to recycle them into some sort of protein salad.  Fish does best with only adding additional wet flavoring sauces, such as tartar sauce, mayo, lemon, salad dressing, or some additional seasoning.  Chicken, I prefer to add some minced onion, minced celery, a few nuts, and a vinaigrette.
As for exercise, I’ve been taking walks frequently and have worn the Polar the last two days.  I burned a excess 5,000+ calories a day while ingesting less than 1,000.  I am going to continue to monitor the calorie deficit and see if the weight loss is occurring accordingly.  Fun with numbers!  It is one big equation.  You have to keep track of what you put into your body, the physical exertion of your daily activities and mental wellness. 
I have to say, my mental wellness has been at an all time high.  I am feeling successful, accepting the rate of loss will not always be as ambitious as I have planned out, but as long as I am following the rules the weight will come off. 
Patience is key.  Understanding satiety and learning tolerance is pinnacle.  Dedicating yourself 100% to following all the rules, all the time, and not deviating- it’s harder than anything I’ve done in my life, but it’s getting so much easier to make the right choices because I am feeling the results.  

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