Saturday, January 31, 2009

First post

I had lap-band surgery on January 16, 2009. It's been 15 days, and I've lost 12 pounds since surgery. My surgery day weight was 292, and my weight today is 280. It was 278 at the doctor's office on Wednesday though, which pisses me off, because I think either their scale is 2 pounds lighter or my scale at home weighs two pounds heavier. Anyway, the daily pound is starting to wear off, so I know I need to step up the workouts. I walked two miles today, which is nothing compared to the 6 and 10 I used to do when I lived in Austin and hit Town Lake. Oh well, I'm trying to take it slow so I don't wear myself out from hard workouts early on. I'm also fighting back a cold, which I think I may have bit this morning with some Emergen-C Immune Defense. I'll trying to keep this blog updated. I'm so glad I finally had the surgery though, after 4 years of struggling to maintain a 60 pound loss, I now feel like I'm going to get over the hump and get down to 135 where I belong. I want to be on the smaller side, around a size 4 or 6. It's going to take a lot of work, but I will get there! That's for sure now!!!!

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